Reminiscing My Childhood Days

Memories, the store of things learned and retained from an organism’s activity or experience as evidenced by modification of structure or behavior or by recall and recognition.

I remember those summer months after school’s out. It’s the most awaited time of the year because I don’t have to wake up really early and get ready for school.

I spent most of my summer time with my lolo’s and lola’s, I use to stay there all day playing with my cousins. We love to play where we build a house by slotting the wood between the jalousy of the window – that will serve as our roof, then try to make the walls by making it stand under the roof.  Our floors were made out of the previous day’s newspaper. We also love to play “patintero” and “sato”.

By 3:00 at the afternoon we use to be called by our lola to have some snacks and we really love to eat halo-halo ( sweetened banana, kamote, red sago, pinipig, monggo beans, green gelatin ) that would be perfect to combat the summer’s heat. Sometimes, my aunt would love to prepare banana chips its one of our favorite too.

And by 6:00 pm we are not allowed to go out of the house and by that time we use to pray the holly rosary with my grandparents and my cousins while some ar preparing for the dinner to be served.after praying we already eat our dinner and after that we now gather at the living room to watch TV and 10:00 my grandparents would let us sleep. And that’s the time that I would bid goodnight to my lolo , lola and to my cousins and already go to sleep and look forward to another fun-filled day with them.

I really miss those days.  That was a very fun-filled childhood memories!


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